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Best time for trip next Spring? Advice?
Ras Ali
Photographic Project: The Shvilistim - The INT hikers
October - December hike
Highest Elevation Climb
Gear Sale @ Rikoshet
Where to buy White Gas in Modi'in or Jerusalem
Best plan for mid Sept to mid Nov Israel Trail and kibbutz
GPS recommendation
Map 30 southeast - minor change by route 60
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Latest Articles
Ras Ali
I am writing a blog post on the town of Ras Ali (near Tivon) and would like to hear about the section of the trail that runs next to it. Has anyone had interactions with people of the town? Have you found drink and food there? Any stories to tell about that section of the trail?

Thanks very much.
Best time for trip next Spring? Advice?
I am planning an extended hiking/camping trip next Spring and would like advice about the timing.  I plan to be based in Jerusalem from March 22 to April 2, with day hikes to Abu Gaush, Bayt Lahm, the Jordan East of Jerico and Qumran.  I also plan 4-6 weeks to hike the Jesus Trail in Galilee.  My question is (considering climate) would it be better to start in Nazareth around the end of February, hike the north and then head to Jerusalem, returning after April 2 if there is more I ...
October - December hike
I am planning to do the INT from north to south from mid October to mid December. I will be stopping for a few days in Jerusalem and I will take 5 days out from Arad to go to Jordan and renew my visa. I'm not planning to hike between Haifa and Tel Aviv, I will cut that bit and catch a bus.

I'm not really sure what to expect hiking in the desert in winter. I know to keep up to date with weather forecasts and avoid flash floods. I've done a lot of extremely cold weather hiking in the Arctic an ...
Highest Elevation Climb
Does anyone know what the highest elevation climb on the INT? Looks to me like around 600 meter climbs in a couple of places going south  (steep too) and a lot of 300 meter climbs. Is that about right? I'm thinking about what to train and prepare for.
Gear Sale @ Rikoshet
When I was at Rikoshet in Modiin today (18/06/17) they told me that next month a different company was buying them out and almost everything that I saw in the store was 20%, 30% or 40% discount. I don't know if every branch of Rikoshet is being sold or just the one in Modiin, but some good deals can be had right now. Maybe even better in the coming weeks.
Where to buy White Gas in Modi'in or Jerusalem
Last week my 20 year old Coleman multi-fuel Apex Stove broke on a day hike. The fuel line split. So today, I bought a new BOOSTER KOVEA multi-fuel stove at Rikoshet. The salesgirl said it worked with white gas, gas balloons or regular delek. Well, after trying it out with regular gas I read in the instructions not to use regular delek. It will clog up the stove, but use white gas/Coleman fuel. Where can I buy white gas (Delek Lavan) in the Modiin or Jerusalem area?
GPS recommendation
After a few years (actually a lot of years) without backpacking I'd like to get in shape and start again. I sold all my gear before we made aliyah and have to reacquire everything. Most of the gear I can figure out what I need, but I would like a GPS recommendation from anyone who has used one on the INT or other trails in Israel. I saw one from TwoNav that looked like it had great Israel maps, but maybe you know of a better one. Frankly, I don't know anything about GPS so any tips would be grea ...
Map 30 southeast - minor change by route 60
Route 60 is a busy road.  The INT goes along route 60 on a dirt road on its' north side.  
Crossing of route 60 is diverted ~ 300 meters to the norhteast.
INT north to south partner - Fridays only
I am seeking a serious female hiking partner to do a section of the Israel National Trail from north to south every other Friday only. I'm a 44 year old American and I live in Rehovot.

I started the trail in the north mid-March and have done 3 sections up to Dishon.

Here's my plan and how I have operated up until now:

Leave work on Thursday (17:00) and head up north to starting point of section (I have a car)

Camp in a tent overnight

Get up 5:30 Friday morning

Leave gear ...
Full preface, preparations, water caching, supermarkets
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Full preface, preparations, water caching, supermarkets
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ITM Grid and Map Datum for GPS

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