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Winter and water purification in the desert


I know for people here winter is only about to start, but I wanted to know if anyone could report on how the ¨winter¨ has been so far in the south of Israel. I had a flash flood rushing by my tent in a Jordanian Wadi a weeks ago and wonder if the Negev has also gotten some rain.

Reason is: yagil mentioned bringing a water filter and I´ve been very happy with mine so far on the trip drinking from puddles at times. So if one or the other water hole might have filled up in the Negev I would consider packing it rather than leaving it behind in Eilat.


Yes the Negev got some rain last week and there were reports of  flash floods though not significant.
Based on your experience I'd pack a filter and use it when possible. Rain in the desert is not guaranteed.
Make sure you always have enough water with you.

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> Water related questions
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