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when is "spring" in Israel?

planning on starting north to south February 15, 2017, or so.  would it be spring there then? I want to be there when flowers and birds arrive.  Having a hard time deciding if I should do north to south, or start in tel aviv and go south, then head up north, probably mid march.  I feel I prefer the "thru hike" experience, but is that not the best choice with this starting date?

February is still winter. I'd say do a flip-flop as you planned, or hike from the south for a month and then head north in mid-march.

Spring in isreal

Thank t
You so much for the prompt reply.  That is very helpful...been waffling with the direction to hike for a few months.  Saw in the guide book that 50% of nationals do north to south in spring...and felt it was the best route to be in better shape physically and logistically prior to getting to the Negev, but I also want to see the north in all it's spring glory.

Starting on February 15 is south to north.

Flip-flop is a good option but I'd do it Tel Aviv to Eilat go north and continue south.

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> The season to hike and hike direction
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