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What are good camping stores in the Jerusalem area?

I've made it to Israel with all of my gear (sacrificing a checked bag to do so) and plan to start with smaller hikes around Jerusalem before doing the national trail at the end of 2017/early 2018.

I wasn't able to get a footprint for my tent (MSR Hubba Hubba NX) or trekking poles before leaving, and I need to buy fuel here. I'm living in Jerusalem for the next 5 months, where's best to shop in the area for good quality at the best price?

I'm not from Jerusalem but there are many. Try La-Metayel, Rikoshet, Sabres and others, but take your time.
I'd consider buying gear on the internet. Prices in israel are high, I'd say too high.  

As for the Footprint, I'll buy it abroad and send to Israel, because you're unlikely to find that specific one here.
For the other things - there's the "Orcha" store on Hillel St. (, they are in business for more than 30 years, they probably do something right, and "Lametayel" outlet nearby on Yoel Moshe Salomon

I went looking after those names and found several stores all clustered together in the same neighborhood, it turns out I'd been looking in completely the wrong part of town.

Nobody had tent footprints at all, apparently they're not too popular. I'm going to try talking with some hardware stores about buying some Tyvek cut to size or to cut myself. Nobody seems too worried about puncturing the tent bottom.

As for gear being expensive... it depends. Some things I've seen for better prices than I pay in America, other things like trekking poles, bags, clothes, are definitely a lot more expensive. Unfortunately so far ordering online looks like it'll cost just as much as buying here, plus whatever customs wants.

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> Gear
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