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Water tank - top of small crater end of days 32 & 16s

There is a new water tank (free of charge) for hikers by the end of day 32 and 16s. The faucet extends outside
the fence of a small military base. It is located at the top of a hill north of the night camp. In case of a problem use
a private water cache in the area: Haim Berger -054-5343797, or call a taxi from Dimona: Uzi - 052-3557105  
or Yosi - 050-6435420

Please report below if the tank is empty and we'll contact a park ranger to make sure it is refilled ASAP. Thank you. Thanks


How easy is it to find this tank...? How far away is the "hill"? I'm afraid I won't find it  

The hill is ~500 meters north of the INT. The tank is ~ left of the words  "Makhtesh overlook".

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> Water related questions
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