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Sleeping Pad

Hello everybody!

Im going to hike the INT in November and preparing my gear right now. Well I am wondering which kind of sleeping pad might be the best.

I have the two of them:
-One is a Therm-a-Rest Neo Air X-Lite. (Inflatable, very comfortable, my 1st choice)
-The second is a Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite (made of foam, my 2nd choice)

So, I think in the north I wont get in trouble using the inflatable one. But how is it in the negev? How are the campgrounds, are they agreeable for inflatables and my tent-floor? Im afraid of fixing holes every night..

I consider to bring both, and leave the foam-one in Tel Aviv before starting sobo and switch to the foam-one for the southern part. So I have the comfort in the North and don`t have troubles in the south. (Also I am able to protect my tent by placing the foam-pad underneeth, haha!) What do you think?

I would be happy about some feedback to my thoughts!
Thank you in advance


My personal approach is to obtain the most comfortable sleeping conditions. For me it is as important
as carrying sufficient water in the desert. That means carrying both mattrasses and you are safe from punctures too.

With a tent I believe you are safe from punctures in the south. If you want to be even safer I'd use an
extra protection thin layer under the X-light mattress or carry the Z-lite too, and you are safe & comfortable.


Hi Yankendale,

thanks for your response. Thats another solution to think about. I will probably take both. Thanks again and have a good day!

I have the X-Lite and before it a Therm-a-rest Prolite 4. I use it with an ultralight tent. No problems ever. But take the patch kit just in case.

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