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Searching for cooler weather

I recently put in a couple of days of hiking on the INT Sept. 12 and 13 at the northern end. How could I have known the temperature was going to be over 40 C (or 105 F)? I got pretty beat up.
I want to hike the trail but in "cooler" weather. Can you give me an idea of what hiking in Nov., Dec., Jan. or Feb. is like?

For average monthly weather please read the preface to the guide page 11 (bottom) and page 12 (top).
The preface to the guide is posted here too.

The link to the daily weather forecast is provided in the preface and at all posts above yours: The Season to hike.

Here it is again:

Daily weather forecast

Always note that the temperatures are monthly average over the last 25 years. Today the end of November,
we have 30 C  / 86 F.  This is extremely  hot for November but we get days like that in winter.

I've been following the daily temps in Jerusalem via "Accuweather." It does look very pleasant, I must say. I still can't get a good impression of what winter rains are like, though. Torrential vs. short-lived (minutes vs. hours)? Hypothermia always a possibility? Does the trail turn to mud or does it dry out in a few minutes after the rain stops? I know I'm violating forum rules here by asking too many questions, sorry. But the charts in the guidebook for temps just don't give me much of a feeling for what's really going on. On the surface it seems to me like "winter" is really a good time to hike...but I don't hear anyone echoing that sentiment. Nor do the numbers of hikers on the trail seem to bear that out. So I remain confused...!

Winter is a good time to hike. No risk of hypothermia, in the desert it gets down to 2-4 c at night, not every
night not in every place of the desert. North of Arad you can get torrential rain or short lived. There is no regular pattern.
In the desert 1 day or less after the rain the ground is dry. In the north it takes two days or more depends on how much rain you had.

In 2010 there was a rain storm that came from the south and we had 50 mm (20") of rain in the desert in a matter of 3 hours.
The result in pictured below . The mountain in the background is 150 m above ground level.

This is the best I can help you. Other than that follow the daily / weekly forecast.  


Few days ago it was 25c in early December. Today we have freezing temps and 2-3 feet of snow are expected in Jerusalem.

I hope this demonstrates winter for you, where officially it begins only in 10 days or so.

Yes, I've been following the weather through "Accuweather" posts. I'm watching Zefat's weather as it varies from 30s (F) to 40s along with snow and rain and ice. That's approximately where I'd be starting again.

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