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Plan to Hike INT South to North early Februar 2017

I plan to hike the entire trail from south to north early February 2017.
I am looking for partner/s for company and help with watersupport on the way from Eilat to Arad.
Start: between 3. and 10. of February.
I am 67 years old, experienced walker and pilgrim, living in the north of Germany and happy to receive response.


Hi Claudius.

Do you still plan to do the Trail?
I am 31 from Slovakia. I would like to walk the Trail. I am also experienced hiker/pilgrim (this summer to Santiago 1000km). Can I join you?


Hallo Julia!

Yes, of course.
Please, send me a PM.


Post subject: Plan to Hike INT South to North early Februar

Hallo Claudius,
I think the early February is a good time for starting in Eilat. I even would do the Trail in full length, normally walk solo, but in the desert itīs better not to be alone. Your starting day suits me good. My age is 58, donīt speak Hebrew, but I think English is o.k. If you could imagine for walking through the desert with me, please contact me.

Thanks, Giorgio

Hi All,

    I'm considering doing this in February as well, haven't fully committed yet but if I do I'd love to join up with people for at least the desert portion.

I'm 30 and from the United States and have done quite a bit of hiking and am very active but this would be the longest trek for me. Hoping my plan comes together and I can make it happen in the new year!

Looking forward to hearing back,


backpack in February


I am a 65 year old backpacker from New York city.

I plan on being in Israel in early February. I have already spend time on the trail, but only in the north. I will only have a few days, but would like to be with other hikers.
If you already have a group together (and don't mind me joining)
I would appreciate if you let me know when you plan on starting.

Then I could determine if I can join you.

Thank You
Asher Miller

Looking for a group

Hi I would like to hike at least a part of the trail. I am in the South of Israel but don't mind to join a group in any easy reachable point. I am in good shape but I am not an expert hiker.

Starting in a few days

Hello fellows,
I arrived two days ago in Tel Aviv, I am still trying to find a cheap way to get the red book, a sun hat and a SIM card. Once that is done, I will be heading south to Eilat, from where I want to start the hike as well.
I am 20, got a little bit of experience through the alpine club, but I have never done a hike this size or even close to it.
I might start around the 12th, so we might be meeting up along the way.

Cheers Jonathan

Planning on doing first 5 days from Eilat, from Sunday 12.2

Hi all,

I'm planning on doing the first 5 days of the Israel trail, starting in Eilat. I'll spend Saturday night in Eilat and start first thing in the morning. Please let me know if you'd like to start the walk together / make water arrangements.

I am an Israeli (a lecturer at Tel Aviv University), originally from Australia. I don't have experience in this sort of hike before, but am looking forward to the challenge.


Partner to Share the experience

Hello again,

I just left Tel Aviv today towards the north, after a break of two days and I was wandering I someone did the same or is just a few days behind/before me who wants to walk together for a while.

Looking forward for some responses

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