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Is water in the desert "insanely" expensive?

The answer to the above question in one word is: Yes

The answer in two words is: Yes but.... let's see

And here is a the whole picture:

The desert section is ~400 km / 250 mi long. An average hiker will cross it in 3 weeks including 2 rest days.
One can hike the desert faster but you should plan the hike according to available water in kibbutzim / villages
and/or night camps in the desert. It is not allowed to camp out in the desert but in the designated night camps.
Check the preface to the guide.

There are ~10 night camps along the desert strech where there is no water. Someone has to bring water
to those remote places that are accessible mostly with 4X4. So water becomes expensive.


If you buy 10 caches of water from one service provider you pay for 6 only and it reduces the cost.  
I'd say that ~$150 is a resonable price to secure all your water supply in the desert. It is ~ $2/liter.

And there are ~300 trail angels that provide a free of charge place to sleep, shower, refill water, many
provide free of charge meals, and more. The overall cost of the full INT hike (~45 days) can be as low
as $800, including the "insanely" expensive water in the desert.
Is this bottom line insanely expensive?

Efforts are made to provide hikers with a free of charge water along the whole desert strech.
It requires a significant effort and investment. It also requires the collaboration of several authorities.
I'm personally involved in this project. I hope it happens sooner rather than later...

Having said the above, if one is fit and ready to carry water for two days  (4 times only), please download the
preface to the guide and read the section that describes how to cross the desert without a single cache.

Enjoy your INT hike  

Also, when I first hiked the INT, it was in 1999, when there were virtually no trail angles and water drops, and the route was more problematic (back then, you had no water from Mamsheet to Sde Boker), same goes for the whole Ramon canyon down to Shizafon).
Yet I managed to walk the trail without any water drops (March-April). Yes, I carried a LOT of water - way too much, up to 12liters (2.5 days for me). but it is doable.
Moreover, the second Time I hiked the trail, I used a water filter extensively; therefore I usually carried 5-6 liters (I also carried much less gear, so less burden and less water consumption) and made only ONE water drop - at the Schoret Canyon Near Eilat.
Water drops are great and it's good to have, but make no mistake - if someone knows what he's doing in the desert, reads the map carefully and prepared to carry water for 2 days - he can do it.

water caching

aloha, i land nov 18th , stay at couchsurfers near airport , then i want to hike the israel national trail after i get some scuba in. ill store most my stuff at couchsurfers in eilat and get   my hammock when i get back in north,

can you line me up with water caching service. how does that work



ok i found three email

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