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Is purifying water an option?

In several places the guide stresses to take sufficient water each day. I was surprised when looking at the maps in the back because the trail follows often small streams, especially in the northern part. I was wondering whether it is possible to purify water from these sources. It would be a significant reduction in weight.
I would use AquaMira for bacteria and viruses (as I understand a common method on the Appalachian Trail and other long-distance hikes), coupled with active carbon in farming-areas (chemical contamination).
What is your opinion?

Thank in advance for your reaction.

I Purify myself, but most people don't. You have to check in advance: some of the streams are polluted and unsuitable for purification (chemicals et. al) Anyway, the most notable gains IMHO aren't in the north, where almost every day you'll reach a source of water, often more than once (and if not, a small trip off the trail to the nearest village will solve the problem), but in the south, where - in the winter and spring, after checking the status in advance, or in the few fountains which are always full - you could save a lot of weight by using the fountains and water holes along the way. But you need to be sure they are full - you could check it with the field schools or ask someone to check in the hebrew forums when you get to the area, as people post the up-to-date info there.

yagil wrote:
You have to check in advance: some of the streams are polluted and unsuitable for purification (chemicals et. al)

Is there a more or less fixed list of safe (or unsafe) sources or does it often change?
We only have time to go from Dan to Tel Aviv, so we will not enter the southern part (for now, at least).

Between Dan to Tel Aviv there is no need to purify water. You have enough places to refill.

Chlorine Dioxide tablets (the same as in the brand Aquamira) is what I purified water with quite a lot with on hikes in Golan (not the INT, but hey). I often took water from some quite grubby springs when hiking past them or staying near them for a day or two and first passed it through a basic fabric filter to block visible debris, and then purified that same water with Chlorine Dioxide.

I was never ill.  On another occasion I camped near a spring area in Golan and used a Sawyer Mini Filter for 'on the fly' drinking straight from that water source in the early morning just before setting off hiking onwards, to avoid me having to cut into my main supply of treated water for the day. Both methods complimented each other. I think the main thing to watch for, as others have pointed out here, is that it isn't so easy to 'plan' routes around natural sources of water because of how unreliable they can be.

I can recall one in Golan that was completely dried up after I'd taken a slight de-tour to drink deeply from it. It meant that more often than not I was carrying lots of heavy water anyway, to be safe and sure. Any natural water I found and could purify along the way was merely a nice bonus / compliment to that supply.

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> Water related questions
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