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Hiking the Negev in late April & early May - too late?

Hello everyone,

first of all thank you for creating this great forum with many helpful tips.

A friend and I are flying to Israel on the 3rd of April to hike some parts of the INT. We plan to do about 2 weeks of hiking in the northern part of the trail to get accustomed to hiking. Then we want to skip down to Arad to hike through the Negev desert to Eilat. This would mean we end up hiking the Negev in late April and early May.

Now I find it difficult to find information about hiking the Negev during this time. What do you think of our plan? Is it too late to hike the Negev?

Thank you for your help!  

I suggest to hike the Negev as early as possible. Try to get in shape before you come to Israel.
Even a flat 20 km in the north are difficult if you are not prepared.

You might be lucky and have reasonable weather in the south in early May but I would not count on that.

Last week we had already few days of 30+ C in the Negev.

Enjoy the hike!

Thank you very much for your fast reply, it is very helpful for us. We will post here how we decided to do the trek and also how our trek did go.

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> The season to hike and hike direction
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