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Hiking INT end of December to early February 2017

Hi i am looking for partners and advice on hiking the trail this winter. I would prefer to hike from north to south as it seems like temperatures and chance of rain are pretty consistent across these months and so my starting point wont have a big influence. Any tips?

98% of the tips are in the preface to the guide and here on the forum. When you are  done reading and
still have some questions, don't hesitate to ask.  

going north to south


I will be coming to Israel Sunday Jan 9. I am a 65 year old from NY.
3 years ago I started from the north to Kiryat shemona and would like to spend a few days again on my arrival. I was planning to go alone, but would rather have some partners.

If you are interested in contacting me. You can email at USHMIL2@gmail or answer me on this site.

Asher miller

Hiking North to South beginning January 4th

I will be hiking from N to S beginning January 4th and would love to have a partner on my journey (at least for the beginning). If anyone is interested in joining feel free to email me at or send me a message on whatsapp to +1404-824-3006. Also if you are interested in water caching with me or have good information about how to avoid water caching also message me.

 I suggest to download the preface to the guide and compare your hiking plan with the hiking without caching water
plan(/s) in the desert, that are in the preface.

Enjoy the INT  

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> PARTNERS for HIKING and for Water Caching
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