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Hiking in the desert in hot temperatures - bad experience

hiker wrote:

.....along with a  friend, on 17 October we started Shvil Israel,  from EILAT to ARAD (the desert part of the trail). BUT....there was ......SUMMER TEMPERATURE (37- 38 ° C !!!!). This was not planned! Despite my good shape, I immediately felt great fatigue , and at the end of the first day I decided to come back at EILAT, and I went to JOSEFTAL HOSPITAL for a medical examination. The doctor found ..."a severe kidney failure most probably due to severe dehydration". After 2 days hospitalization, the doctor sed: 2 - 3 weeks REST and good fluid intake, follow up in home clinic, nephrologist follow up. I think that it happens because - walking from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m, I drank .....only.....3,5 liters of water (probably....6 liters at the end of the day). After 2 days at the EILAT beach......I come back in Italy. Next year I shall come back in Eilat again, to walk the Shvil Israel fron Eilat to Arad, following these precaution:
1) reach the same shape of this year (for training...from july to october 2015 I walked total 350 km, 8.000 m. altitude difference, almost 25 kg backpack)
2) adequate acclimatization (spend 4 days in Eilat before start Shvil)
3) drink 6 liter water every day
4) start Shvil .....3 weeks later, about at 10 november 2016
5)......pray MY GOD!!

I've been 6 times in ISRAEL, I LOVE ISRAEL AND ITS PEOPLE !!

Thank you very much in advance for your comments!

In fall the hike direction is north to south.

Please read here. 37 is definitley like summer.

The best time of the year to hike in the desert is Late November to late March.  There is no guarantee that you won't get  few days of hot weather even in winter.

25 kg backpack it too heavy even with 10 liters of water.
With water for two days it should should not weigh more than 20-21 kg.

Hope to have you back next year.  

Here is how hiking at very hot temperatures looks like.

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> The season to hike and hike direction
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