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Buying the guide in Israel

When you arrive in Israel there is a Steimatzky book store at the Ben Gurion airport . Turn right after you exit customs.

Exit to the right and you'll see the Steimatzky book store. Tel: 052-6971484. The guide is available there.


The guide is available at the following book stores in Israel:

Stiematzky, Tzomet Sfarim , and private book stores.

If you can read some Hebrew and want the guide delivered to an address within Israel please click here
and buy the guide online
, or call 09-8854770.

Here are few tel. numbers of Stiematzky book stores. Some of them or all should have the guide.
If they don't have the guide ask them to call another store which has it.
Most stores are open daily: 08:30-20:00; Friday 08:00-14:30. Most are closed on Saturdays.


Mameela - 02-6257268
King George - 02-6240494
Yaffo street - 02-6250155
Ben Yehuda street - 02-6255487
Malha shopping mall -  02-6780635
Emeq Refa'im - 02-5618124
Beit Hakerem - 02-6786298

Tel Aviv

107 Alenbi str. : 03-5664277
109 Dizengoff str.: 03-5221513
Dizengoff shopping mall: 03-5285271
Azrieli center: 03-6956883
36 Iben Gvirol str.: 03-6962201
45 Shenkin str.: 03-6201495

       Israel National Trail Forum Index -> How to buy the guide
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